Sarah Wykes sur le point d’être libre/ Sarah Wykes about to be free

Global Witness annonce que Sarah Wykes serait sur le point d’être libérée. Selon le ministre angolais de la Justice: “Elle peut quitter le pays, maintenant, demain, le jour quelle voudra”.

Global Witness demeure surpris de cette annonce puisque l’avocat de Sarah Wykes n’a pas encore confirmé sa libération prochaine… À voir.

According to Global Witness, Sarah Wykes is about to be freed by the angolan authorities:

Media reports today [March 14th] have quoted the Attorney-General of Angola, Dr. Augusto Carneiro, as saying that Dr Sarah Wykes is now free to leave Angola. He is quoted as saying: “She can leave today, tomorrow, whenever she wants.”

Global Witness is very encouraged by this statement to the media by the Attorney-General. However, we were surprised by it because her lawyer has not yet been officially notified of the decision.

Since there has been no official notification, we do not yet know what the conditions are for Dr Wykes to leave the country and when all the official procedures will be completed.

Global Witness urges the Angolan authorities to take all possible steps to ensure that the formalities are speedily completed so Dr. Wykes can return to her family and friends in the United Kingdom.