Comment sortir l’Ouganda de la pauvreté?/ How to drag Uganda out from poverty?

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Voici un commentaire paru dans le journal ougandais Sunday Monitor. Il est écrit par Teddy Sseezi-Cheeye qui explique comment l’épargne nationale doit devenir une des clefs du développement de l’Ouganda.

Here is a commentary in the ugandan newspaper Sunday Monitor. It’s written by Teddy Sseezi-Cheeye who says that national savings coming from the population must become a key element for the development of Uganda. The last words of the commentary are:

In Africa we do not seem to care about the suffering or even death of our people because many do not actively participate in any meaningful economic activity and therefore are not seen as valuable clients. Therefore, development in African countries, like Uganda, might continue to be elusive until African leaders recognise that the main drivers of development must be the Africans themselves; not foreign investors. Foreign investors can only complement local initiative.