Déforestation en Ouganda/ Uganda’s deforestation

L’Ouganda n’est pas seulement au prise avec son mouvement rebelle au Nord (L’armée de résistance du Seigneur) ou avec ses 1500 soldats engagés en Somalie. Le pays est aussi aux prise avec un ennemi plus insidieux: la déforestation. Selon l’ONU, le pays pourrait perdre TOUT son couvert forestier d’ici 50 ans!.

Uganda isn’t only engaged in battles against the rebels from the North (Lord’s Resistance Army) or in Somalia with 1500 soldiers fighting over there; the country must face a more insidious enemy: deforestation. According to the United Nations, Uganda could loose ALL his forests within the next 50 years!


Uganda could lose all its forest cover in 50 years if the current rate of destruction is not reversed, thereby upsetting the ecosystem and exposing the country to further environmental degradation, analysts have warned.

“Forests and trees have been cut at rates that exceed sustainable levels; characterised by the prevention of forest regeneration by grazing and fires,” Paul Drichi, director of technical services at the National Forestry Authority (NFA), said.

“Many urban and peri-urban forest reserves are also under threat of degazettement for industrial development and housing,” he added.

About 4.9 million hectares of forest cover existed in Uganda in the early 1990s but this had decreased to 3.6 million hectares in 2005, an annual depletion rate of 2 percent. This is considered high by international standards, Drichi added.

Various experts said the current rate of deforestation was already causing environmental-related problems in some parts of Uganda. Regions that used to be cold and malaria-free have experienced rising temperatures, providing good conditions for disease spread.