Du grenouillage entre Abubakar et Obasanjo/ Shady dealings between Abubakar and Obasanjo

Il semble que le président Obsanjo du Nigéria sent que ça chauffe et qu’Abubakar risque bien de gagner sa cause en court suprême pour enfin devenir un candidat aux élections du 21 avril prochain. Dans ce cas, Obasanjo verrait un ennemi diriger l’État. Il a donc décidé d’amadouer Abubakar. Comme dit le proverbe: “Il faut garder ses amis près de soi, mais il faut garder ses ennemis encore plus près”.

It seems Nigeria’s President Obasanjo feels that Abubakar might win his case at the Supreme Court and be eligible to run for the upcoming elections on April 21st. Obasanjo might see an enemy leading the State. Therefore he decided to wheedle Abubakar. Like this proverb says: “You must keep your friends close to you, but keep your enemies closer.”


Saharareporters learnt that the fear of the justices of the Supreme Court was primarily responsible for the urgent act by the regime to stave of defeat in a lawsuit filed by Alhaji Abuabakar Atiku to force the Independent National Electoral Commission to include Vice President Atiku Abubakar on the ballot in the upcoming presidential elections.

Since last week, following series of defeat in the courts and serious international pressure some elements at the presidency had approached Abubakar Atiku to seek  “peace” between him and President Obasanjo, apparently, this was a decoy to prevent Atiku Abubakar from forming any alliance with ANPP presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari  hence Atiku had refused to attend an opposition leaders meeting convened by Buhari to create a grand alliance against president Obasanjo and the much hated People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Sources told Saharareporters that Atiku had asked that Buhari postpone the meetings from Wednesday to Thursday, but gave no reasons for requesting the shift, but the “negotiating team” from the presidency overheard Atiku bragging that he didn’t want to attend the Buhari parley because he had assurances from the Supreme Court that they will rule in his favor, which automatically means that he will feature as a presidential candidate for the Action Congress (AC).

The presidency was shocked about the development and quickly decided to declare two days of public holidays in order to prevent the Supreme Court justices from meeting to deliver a judgment that would force Obasanjo to negotiate with Atiku.

Saharareporters learnt that Atiku is disposed to negotiating with Obasanjo and entering an agreement not to probe him in case he allowed to run in the elections since, according to sources involved, he is sure of victory at the polls.