Doug au Malawi/ Doug in Malawi

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Our dear contributor to the Amandla radio show and to this blog (read his analysis on Malawi), Doug Miller, is actually in Malawi (or about to arrive there) with some students from Montreal’s Vanier College. They will spent time in Makupo, Malawi, where they will meet Malawians and share cultures.


In August 2007, the people to people support of friends in Canada led to the sinking of a well and the burden of village labour has shifted dramatically. Now Makupo can host a visit from 9 Canadians representing all the glorious mix that makes up Canada.
The Malawians in the village share a long history with a common place, while the Canadians have histories that involve new homes and building new links. It is an interesting stew and I am looking forward to seeing how it cooks into a tasty dish.

This is from Doug’s blog. Yes, Doug started a blog related to this Malawian odyssey and we invite you to take a look:

Notre cher ami et collaborateur à l’émission de radio Amandla ainsi qu’à ce blog (lire son analyse sur le Malawi ici), Doug Miller, est présentement au Malawi (ou à la veille d’y mettre le pied) avec des étudiants du Collège Vanier de Montréal. Ensemble, ils vont passer du temps à Makupo, Malawi, où ils vivront une expérience de partage des cultures. Visitez son blog: