Informations sur le Kenya/ Informations on Kenya

Clean elections campaignLa situation au Kenya vous intéresse? Voici quelques sites qui vous expliquent la situation dans ce pays, suite au désordre causé par les résultats des élections du 27 décembre 2007.

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Visitez les blogs:

Kenya Pundit, qui nous dit aujourd’hui que Kibaki vient de former son cabinet en dépit de la situation dramatique actuelle.

Bankelele, qui indique la difficulté d’aider les populations en milieu rural, coupées du monde à cause du désordre civil.

Mentalacrobatics, parle aussi des nominations du cabinet de Kibaki.

Kenya Environmental & Political News traite de l’enjeu des miliers de personnes qui doivent être déplacées afin qu’elles ne soient pas victimes de violences.

Visitez les sites des quotidiens Kenyan:

The Standard donne la liste des ministres nommés dans la cabinet Kibaki.

The Daily Nation, a une section spéciale couvrant les élections.

The situation in Kenya interests you? Here are a few websites where you can have an update on the situation in that country following the contested results of the December 27th 2007 elections

Visit blogs:

Visit Kenya Pundit who says:

Kibaki has just announced a new Cabinet on KBC.

One minute address. No condolences. No calls for peace. Nothing.

Kalonzo VP (what a snake). Other usual suspects back – Murungi, Karua (justice), Michuki, also Uhuru.

Announcement was only for half the cabinet (he doesn’t have enough guys…this is funny in a morbid kind of way).

Excuse me, but this is FUCKING INSANITY.

Just when Kenyans are desperately trying to get things back to normal.

Bankelele, who worries about the rural areas:

Money, food, transport have been in short supply in many rural areas affected by the violence. Equally crippling has been the lack of communication capability where there has been no electricity (poles brought down/lines cut) or shops (closed/looted/overpriced) selling mobile phone airtime.

Mentalacrobatics who also talks about Kibaki’s cabinet:

Kibaki just named a new cabinet on KBC TV – well part of cabinet anyway.


Vice President: Stephen Kalonzo
Michuki downgraded to Transport

I expect the full list will be posted here soon.

Kenya Environmental & Political News talks about the thousands of people displaced by the post-election disorders:

Thousands of people displaced (IDPs) by recent post-election violence in Kenya are being evacuated to areas which, although more conducive to their safety because of ethnic affinity, pose a risk of “destitution” because few IDPs have homes in the areas in question…

Also, visit Kenyan newspaper’s websites:

The Standard provides the list of the ministers of the new Kibaki cabinet:

President Mwai Kibaki has named a 17 member cabinet with ODM-Kenya leader Mr Kalonzo Musyoka as the Vice-President. Kibaki addressed the nation live on national broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Kibaki named the cabinet despite the existing political crisis over the disputed presidential elections of 27th December 2007.

The Daily Nation has a special section on the 2007 Elections.