Latest AMANDLA show: Kibale Health Project and Liberian refugees in Ghana

A look at the Kibale Health and Conservation Project (KHCP).

On this edition of Amandla, we focussed on McGill’s involvement in Africa and some initiatives that faculty and students have undertaken in recent years to address health issues in the areas where they are working. We specifically discussed the KHCP – an initiative spearheaded by Dr. Lauren and Colin Chapman from the departments of Biology and Anthropology at McGill University. A major goal of the KHCP is the construction of a medical clinic just inside the main gates of Kibale National Park in South-Western Uganda.

To discuss the project, we are joined by Jesse Jenkinson, a recent graduate of McGill, and member of the KHCP. Since graduating, Jesse has been actively involved in the KHCP, and recently returned to Uganda to assist with the construction of the clinic and other logistic aspects of the project. We discussed the goals of the health centre, recent progress and challenges that lie ahead.


Diana Sharpe’s interview. Listen

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