US plans new drones for Africa, Canada not to allow Tunisian vote and the slow processing of famine refugees

Africom plans for drone bases in Africa
According to recent news, the US Africa command, Africom, is planning new drone bases all around eastern Africa. Diana Sharpe takes a look at the issue.

Canadian government will not allow Tunisian vote locally
In a surprise move, the Canadian government said recently it would not allow Tunisian extraterritorial voting in Canada. Gwen Schulman talks to Haroun Bouazi from the Collectif solidarité Sidi Boudid.

CCR criticizes long waits for famine refugees in the horn of Africa
The ongoing famine in has forced the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Refugee claimants at the Canadian visa office in Nairobi face waiting periods of 36 to 51 months for their requests to be processed. Janet Dench from the Canadian Council for Refugees talks to Amandla’s Afrah Aden.
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