Yao Graham from the Third World Network on mining in Africa

Based in Ghana, Yao Graham is the co-founder of the Third World Network-Africa. He was in Montreal recently to speak about mining and development in Africa as part of a Canadian awareness raising tour on mining issues organised by Canadian NGO Inter Pares.

Listen to his presentation
[The first minute is a french introduction]

And an interview with Yao Graham

About TWN-Africa

TWN-Africa has become one of the continent’s leading policy and campaigning organizations on economic justice and the environment. TWN-Africa conducts research on issues such as resource extraction, climate change, and the economy. It critiques national and international policies, and proposes solutions that address local, national, and pan-African concerns.

TWN-Africa analyzes mining projects for their impact on community well-being, human rights, the environment, and the economy. Through the establishment of the National Commission on Mining, they have helped mining-affected communities in Ghana hold government and corporations accountable to local concerns. And TWN-Africa has broadened its impact across the continent through founding a pan-African network called the African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society.

TWN-Africa has successfully led the movement to transform the debate on mining in Africa.


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