Land grabs: an interview with the Oakland Institute

Multinational corporations are buying enormous tracts of land in Africa to the detriment of local communities. These land grabs puts countries on the path to increased food insecurity, environmental degradation, increased reliance on aid and marginalisation of farming and pastoralist communities. This has resulted in the sale of enormous portions of land throughout Africa. In 2009 alone, nearly 60 million hectares of land were purchased or leased throughout the continent for the production and export of food, cut flowers and agrofuel crops. Recently the Oakland Institute has published several documents on these land grabs and their consequences, based on extensive research. The Oakland Institute is a is an independent policy think tank, bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues of our time. Joining us on the line is Frederic Mousseau, policy director at the Oakland institute where he coordinates Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa project.

from African Perspectives on CHRY

Listen to Land Grabs interview with the Oakland Institute here