The Lion of Kasoba

Amandla regular Doug Miller is presently in Malawi. Here is a post from his new blog.

The three young men pushed mightily and the engine roared to life. “The lion of Kasoba is back.” Kapote laughed and off we 3 geriatrics rolled to start this next phase of our adventure. Kapote has a lovely sense of humour. He is 71 years old and a patriarch in Karonga society. The Lion is a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser and our transport of choice for the work on our book for this trip. The battery needs to be replaced so for the moment the truck needs at least 3 able bodies to push it enough to start. And I am a 67 year old Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder senior who instead of retiring into a rocking chair is running back and forth to Malawi. We are trying to record and document the history of people who suffered under the 30 year dictatorship of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

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