Remembering Tabu Ley, one of Africa’s most significant musicians

Pascal Emmanuel Tabu Ley, a.k.a. Tabu Ley Rochereau, was a prominent Congolese musician and political figure who died on the November 30th 2013.

Ley was one of the most important musicians of the Congolese music scene, but also a major figure in African music. He is also known as the king of African rumba, being among the first to popularize African music around the world.
Living in exile in the 90s, he returned to the DRC to become a politician.

Doug Miller looks at his legacy and remembers his significance as a musician.

Tabu Ley singing in the band of  Joseph “Le Grand Kallé” Kabasele at
independence 1960

Kaful Mayay 1974 – Soukous Africa rumba

Mokitani ya Wendo 1994