Seven Grains of Paradise: a culinary journey through Africa by Joan Baxter

Baxter - Seven Grains of Paradise cvr

Jock Mackay of Sutherland River, Nova Scotia met Joan Baxter last summer at a local bookstore launch of her Seven Grains of Paradise: a culinary journey through Africa. Jock is an ethnomusicologist and folklorist, and food issues are often central to insights into both fields. He taught at Vanier College in Montreal before retiring to his maritime home about 5 years ago. He and Doug reviewed Baxter’s book, which reveals the richness of Africa’s contribution to the world’s food resources and counters many of the myths of food scarcity and famine. She shows how the scandalous intervention of foreign donors and investors has caused African to fall from a net exporter 50 years ago to a major dependent food importer. Both Jock and Doug highly recommend this very readable book to everyone, not just for an interest in food but also the world system that distorts and commercialises this essential human need.

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