The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


An engineering feat of gigantic proportion, the Grand Renaissance Dam is currently being built on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. When completed in 2018, it will stand as the largest dam in Africa, a symbol of modernity and source of pride for that country. However this dam will drastically affect the water of the Nile river that merges with the Blue Nile in Ethiopia then flows downstream through Sudan and Egypt. Negotiations between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia for water allocations have stalled and a dreadful threat looms over more than 100 million Egyptians who depend entirely on the Nile for their water supply.

Samaa Elibyari talks about this vital issue, describing the project and its implications for the countries concerned.
Following her report, Samaa exchanges some thoughts with Rose-Mary Whalley about the situation. Sincere thanks to Rosy for contributing to this piece.