Lamu on the threshold of massive industrialization : challenges and resistance (part 1)


The Indian Ocean island of Lamu is a special place. It is small and delicate, and home to the 700-year-old port city of Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It belongs to Kenya, and is now on the threshold of a massive industrialization scheme. What will this mean for the thousands of Lamu residents who have derived their livelihoods and autonomy from a centuries-old fishing industry? What will it mean for the complex mangrove system, the foundation of a vibrant marine wildlife ecosystem?

Amandla collaborator Zahra Moloo went to Lamu to try to find answers to these and other questions. In the first part of this series, Zahra talks to Mohamed Athman of the organization Save Lamu about the potential impact that the enormous infrastructural underpinning of this scheme will have on Lamu’s fishing community.