Hocine Aït Ahmed : parcours du révolutionnaire Algérien

Mouloud Idir s’entretient ici avec Redouane Boudjema, professeur à l’Université d’Alger-3, sur le parcours du révolutionnaire et opposant algérien Hocine Aït Ahmed. Le professeur Boudjema aborde le rôle politique de Hocine Aït Ahmed pour la décolonisation de l’Algérie, son opposition aux régimes algériens successifs et ses multiples initiatives en vue de jeter les bases minimales d’une démocratie effective et pluraliste en Algérie. Hocine Aït Ahmed demeurait attaché à la construction maghrébine et surtout plaidait pour une Assemblée constituante, moment fondateur à ses yeux d’une 2e république. Sa pédagogie politique permettait de sortir des polarisations stériles dans lesquelles l’on confine les populations maghrébines et les débats relatifs à ces sociétés.

Molly Kane on the new book: Canada and the third world

Molly Kane talks to Gwen Schulman about the new book entitled “Canada and the third world: overlapping histories”, presented by the publisher as “a long overdue introduction to Canada’s historical relationship with the Third World. The book critically explores this relationship by asking four central questions: how can we understand the historical roots of Canada’s relations with the Third World? How have Canadians, individuals and institutions alike, practiced and imagined development? How can we integrate Canada into global histories of empire, decolonization, and development? And how should we understand the relationship between issues such as poverty, racism, gender equality, and community development in the First and Third World alike?”

Castro’s legacy in Africa (part 2): Ole Gjerstad on Cuba’s support to anti-imperialist struggles

ole-gjerstad-225x300(photo credit: lesamisdecuba.com)

In this second part of Amandla’s look at the life of Fidel Castro and his role on the African continent, Amandla regular Doug Miller talks to Montreal anthropologist, writer, radio broadcaster and filmmaker Ole Gjerstad who was a witness of the Cuban presence in Angola.

Gjerstad offers a rare first-hand look at the Cuban presence in Africa and how Castro contributed to the liberation struggles on the continent.

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Castro’s legacy in Africa (part 1): Isaac Saney on the Angolan war

Gwen Schulman speaks with Isaac Saney on the relationship of Cuba, under Castro, and Africa.

Isaac Saney is Director and Black Studies Senior Instructor, he holds a PhD in history from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in the United Kingdom. The SOAS is recognized as one the world’s premiere centres for the study of Africa. His teaching has encompassed courses on Africa, the Caribbean, Cuba, and Black Canadian history. He is the author of the widely acclaimed book Cuba: A Revolution in Motion (Zed Books, 2004).

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A report from COP22 in Marrakesh


Reports from the COP22 conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. Gwen Schulman comments on the ongoing world climate conference as Trump selects members of his new cabinet.

Analyse de l’ordonnance et de l’arrêt Ingabire Umuhoza c. Rwanda

Analyse du jugement de la cour africaine des droits de l’homme dans le dossier de Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza contre la République du Rwanda

Herakles Farms grabs land in Cameroon

Gwen Schulman speaks to Federic Mousseau Policy Director at the Oakland Institute about the land grab of the Herakles Farms project in Cameroon.

Mousseau coordinates the Oakland Institute’s research and advocacy activities on land investment, food security and agriculture.


Also watch this video:

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When the colonised fought for the colonisers in WWI

November 11 is Remembrance Day. Doug Miller and professor Eric Lamoureux look at the untold history of Africans who fought in WWI.

For further reading go to this Wikipedia page

Wave of protests in Morocco

A fishmonger is caught with illegal fish, then he is crushed to death. This tragedy has sparked major protests around the country. Gwen looks at the situation in Morocco following this event.

A review of Queen of Katwe

Doug Miller and filmaker Ole Gerstad offer a review of the newly released film Queen of Katwe.