Cyril Ramaphosa – Hope for Change or More of the Same

In a tightly fought competition for the Presidency of the African National Congress of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa prevailed over the chosen candidate of the disgraced outgoing President Jacob Zuma. In an interview with Doug Miller, Dan O’Meara, himself a former member of the ANC(SA), outlines the current sad state of affairs within the party, the Tripartite Alliance and the possibilities of any real change to the status quo, priorities and outlooks for the ANC(SA) and the people of South Africa.



Togo : la dernière crise sera-t-elle la bonne ?

Collaborateur pour Amandla, docteur en histoire et militant au sein de la Ligue Panafricaine – UMOJA, Amzat Boukari-Yabara intervient en cloture de la journée organisée à Paris le 13 décembre dernier par les mouvements de résistance togolais et la Fondation Gabriel Péri sur la situation au Togo.

Dans cet extrait il revient sur les perspectives de sortie de crise et la nécessité de reconstruire le système politique togolais depuis la base pour en faire un laboratoire africain.

Plus d’infos sur :ès-50-ans-de-dictature-et-de-néocolonialisme-de-la-france-le-togo-bientôt-libre.html


When a carbon project becomes carbon colonialism

Gwen Schulman talks to Frederic Mousseau, Policy Director of the Oakland Institute, about how Norwegian company Green Resources’ carbon project in Kachung , Northern Uganda, is just another example of landgrabbing, dressed up in green.


Esclavage en Libye : après l’indignation ?


Compte rendu du rassemblement contre l’esclavage en Libye, qui s’est tenu le samedi 16 décembre au parc Toussaint Louverture à Montréal. Une cinquantaine de personnes, hommes et femmes, afro-descendants pour la plupart, ont bravé le froid en début d’après midi pour exprimer leur indignation face à la situation des migrants subsaharien réduit en esclavage en Libye.

Avec les interventions de Gabriel Bazin (président de la ligue des noirs), Amir Kadir (député Québec Solidaire) et Jooneed Khan (journaliste et militant des droits humains) 


Eritreans win right to challenge the corporate use of conscript labour in a Canadian court

In a recent ruling in a British Columbia appeals court, 3 Eritrean refugees pushed back against Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources, and convinced a court to hear their claims that Nevsun has been using conscript labour at its mine in Bisha, Eritrea. Gwen Schulman talks to Eritrean activist Daniel Tseghay about this important, precedent-setting case.

Zimbabwe at a crossroads – What next?

Zahra Moloo interviews Obert Madondo about recent political events in Zimbabwe, including the swearing in of Emmerson Mnangagwa as president of the country. Obert Madondo is the Ottawa-based founder and editor of the independent publications, the Canadian Progressive and the Zimbabwean Progressive. He is also a photographer and former development worker who was involved in Zimbabwe’s opposition movement before moving to Canada.

Interview of Gertrude Hambira, former head of Zimbabwe’s General Agricultural and Plantation Workers Union

Gwen Schulman interviews Gertrude Hambira who was the former head of Zimbabwe’s General Agricultural and Plantation Workers Union, before she fled for her life after producing a documentary critical of Mugabe’s land reforms. She now lives in Winnipeg.

Africa & the Global South : the struggle for climate justice

Christian Aid’s Mohammed Adow explains the key demands of Africa and the rest of the global South at the UN climate conference in Bonn. Produced by Terna Gyuse.

The uncertain future of Kenya

Zahra Moloo talks to renowned Kenyan investigative journalist John Allan Namu, on the political uncertainty in Kenya right now, land grabs and much more.

François Compaore, brother of ex-Burkina Faso president Blaise Compaore, arrested in Paris

The former dictator of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore with his brother François Compaoré

Gwen Schulman in conversation with Ameth Lo about François Compaoré, the reviled brother of former Burkinabé president Blaise Compaoré, and the international warrant for his arrest that may just be catching up with him.