Molly Kane on the new book: Canada and the third world

Molly Kane talks to Gwen Schulman about the new book entitled “Canada and the third world: overlapping histories”, presented by the publisher as “a long overdue introduction to Canada’s historical relationship with the Third World. The book critically explores this relationship by asking four central questions: how can we understand the historical roots of Canada’s relations with the Third World? How have Canadians, individuals and institutions alike, practiced and imagined development? How can we integrate Canada into global histories of empire, decolonization, and development? And how should we understand the relationship between issues such as poverty, racism, gender equality, and community development in the First and Third World alike?”


R.I.P. Canadian International Development Agency 1968-2013

In the light of the recent budget which effectively closed CIDA and folded it into a generic extension of a trade based foreign affairs department, Gerald Caplan offers his views on how the Conservative party under Stephen Harper has reshaped and repositioned Canada internationally as well as effectively shutting down internal critics and even discussion which runs counter to government wishes.

Des partenariats entre des minières et des ONG : vers une nouvelle politique d’aide étrangère canadienne

Aujourd’hui, les minières sont aux quatre coins de la planète et le gouvernement conservateur est un fervent supporteur de l’industrie. Il a déjà amené plusieurs initiatives en appui aux minières : nouveaux partenariats tripartite entre l’Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI), des Organisations de développement international et des minières, en plus d’un un nouvel institut pour les industries extractives et le développement. Le grand bonus pour l’industrie, c’est que toutes ces initiatives sont financées la population canadienne.

Des partenariats entre des minières et des ONG : vers une nouvelle politique d’aide étrangère | La veine souterraine

Yao Graham from the Third World Network on mining in Africa

Based in Ghana, Yao Graham is the co-founder of the Third World Network-Africa. He was in Montreal recently to speak about mining and development in Africa as part of a Canadian awareness raising tour on mining issues organised by Canadian NGO Inter Pares.

Listen to his presentation
[The first minute is a french introduction]

And an interview with Yao Graham

About TWN-Africa

TWN-Africa has become one of the continent’s leading policy and campaigning organizations on economic justice and the environment. TWN-Africa conducts research on issues such as resource extraction, climate change, and the economy. It critiques national and international policies, and proposes solutions that address local, national, and pan-African concerns.

TWN-Africa analyzes mining projects for their impact on community well-being, human rights, the environment, and the economy. Through the establishment of the National Commission on Mining, they have helped mining-affected communities in Ghana hold government and corporations accountable to local concerns. And TWN-Africa has broadened its impact across the continent through founding a pan-African network called the African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society.

TWN-Africa has successfully led the movement to transform the debate on mining in Africa.