The uncertain future of Kenya

Zahra Moloo talks to renowned Kenyan investigative journalist John Allan Namu, on the political uncertainty in Kenya right now, land grabs and much more.


Looking at the history behind Kenya’s election problems

On the 1st of September, the Kenyan supreme court annulled election results, plunging Kenya into a new unexpected round of elections. Firoze Manji, the publisher of Daraja Press, speaks to Amandla regular Zahra Moloo about the recent history of Kenyan elections.


Thoughts on the Garissa massacre

Gwen Schulman reflects on the coverage and the meaning of the Garissa massacre.

For another historicization of the Garissa massacre, see Shailja Patel’s piece in The New Inquiry

Kenya rounds up thousands of Somali refugees and Somali Kenyans in anti-terrorist operation

On March 31, a blast killed 6 people in the predominantly Somali neighbourhood of Eastleigh in Kenya. Following the blast, Kenyan police rounded up over a thousand Somali refugees and Somali Kenyans, detaining them in a football stadium. Those detained reported that people were beaten and raped by the police and required to hand over money and valuables. Some pregnant women had miscarriages or were forced to give birth while in detention.

Meanwhile, in the port city of Mombasa, on April 1st, Muslim cleric Sheikh Abubakar Sharif Ahmed, otherwise known as Makaburi, was assassinated after attending a court hearing. He is the third Muslim cleric to be killed in Mombasa since 2012. While many suspect police involvement, they have denied accusations that they are to blame for extra-judicial killings.

Zahra Moloo interviews Al-Amin Kimathi, a human rights activist and Executive Director of the Muslims for Human Rights Forum, who has reportedly received death threats. Kimathi talks about the crackdown on Somali communities in Eastleigh, the assassination of Makaburi, and how these events relate to counter-terrorism strategies and interests in the East Africa region.

Terror attack in Nairobi

Amandla contributor Zahra Moloo talks to Roberto Nieto about the situation in Kenya following last weekends attack.

The Kenyan elections: an anti-colonial and anti-imperial analysis

Tribalism, race and the British colonial political ruling structure in its old settler colony. How does that play into the recent elections?
Gwen Schulman talks to Firoze Manji about the recent elections in Kenya.

Giving voice to the slums of Kenya

Amandla’s Gwen Schulman interviews Wairimu Gitau of Mathare Radio and Owen Sheppard of the Liberation Cooperative Organisation of Kenya. Both organizations are committed to promoting independent media in Mathare, Kenya’s second largest slum and giving voice to the residents. They describe their efforts to stay rooted in the community, gain international solidarity and find support without losing sight of the needs of the community.

Amandla will broadcast some of their media pieces over the next few weeks.

Oil found in northern Kenya

Amandla collaborator Zahra Moloo looks at the new major oil find in Northern Kenya.