A Ten Year Retrospective on the village of Makupo, Malawi: The impact of family solidarity, remittances and climate change

Amandla’s Gwen Schulman just returned from a trip to Malawi as a follow-up to her first visit in 2008. Doug talks to her about what’s changed, for better or worse.


Will the Paladin mine destroy lake Malawi?

Gwen Schulman and Doug Miller take a look at new mining pollutants that may get dumped into lake Malawi.

A look at the legacy of Julius Nyerere (part 1)

Julius Kambarage Nyerere was the first President of Tanzania from the country’s founding in 1961 until his retirement in 1985.

Our regular contributor Doug Miller has been traveling for the past two months in Africa and was recently in Tanzania as part of a research project for an upcoming book on social movements in the 60 and 70s in that part of the world. While in Tanzania Doug met an old friend named Kapote Mwakasungura who was part of the united students African revolutionary front that brought together students from all over southern Africa. In those days, Dar es Salaam was at the crossroads of revolutionary movements from all over Africa.

Here is part of a discussion with our good friend and collaborator Doug Miller and his old acquaintance Kapote Mwakasungura.

A look at the state of things in Malawi: corruption and the coming political struggles

Doug Miller returns from another trip to Malawi. Amandla’s Gwen Schulman talks to him about the present state of things in the country, in a wide ranging exchange that goes in the details of the political and social situation in the country.

Is corruption a Third World phenomena?

In a comment recorded in the small village of Mzuzu in Malawi, Amandla collaborator Doug Miller sends us his latest analysis on the current political corruption issues in Malawi. He also draws parallels with the political scandals going on in Canada.

Montreal College Teachers talk about development projects in Malawi

Karen Runnels and Ian Macarthur, retired teachers from Vanier College, describe their experience in Ruarwe, a remote and very neglected village on the northern shore of Lake Malawi.

Working with local leaders, two expatriate Brits have undertaken a unique community development project that stands as a model of self-sustainability and addresses many of the issues of underdevelopment facing the area.cleardot.gif

In studio, Karen and Ian speak to Amandla regular Doug Miller.

Paul Theroux and Africa

Doug Miller looks at the writings of Paul Theroux.

Heading towards the 2014 election. A look at Malawi.

Uploaded from the show dated March 13, 2013. Sorry for the late upload!

After a brief rant on the new Pope, Amandla’s Doug Miller, returning from Malawi, and Gwen Schulman have a wide ranging discussion about the situation in the country, as the new president arrives near the end of her first year in power. The power-hungry people around her and the tradition of self-enrichment that has been installed among the political elite has eroded the goodwill that was available to her after the disastrous final years of the Mutharika regime. The country is holding its breath as it anxiously and apprehensively watches how political forces will line up for the election of 2014.


On this show Amandla’s Doug Miller returns from Malawi and shares his thoughts on the political and social situation there with Gwen Schulman. In this hour long special on Malawi Doug talks about Malawian history, dictatorship, grassroots solidarity and development.