Dan O’Meara remembers Steve Biko

University of Quebec in Montreal professor Dan O’Meara who personnally got to know Steve Biko, South African activist killed during the apartheid regime 40 years ago, remembers his contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle.


Cecil Rhodes: the arch-colonizer in chief and founder of Rhodesia

Who was Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902)? Journalist and political commentator Jooneed Khan remembers who this figure was and why his statue was removed last week in South Africa. How come the symbols of colonial rule are still there?

Exclusive report: South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma challenged in parliament

The opposition challenges SA president Zuma. A special report by our correspondent in Cape Town Terna Guyse.

The South African tripartite alliance falls appart: a look at the elections in SA

Gwen Schulman talks to Avi Kanji about the elections in South Africa and the political shifts that have happened in the electoral map.

Looking back at Mandela and years of anti-apartheid struggles

A special 2 hour show!

Mandela was the face of a movement that mobilized millions of people in South Africa and, indeed, around the world, including here in Canada. Amandla handed over the airwaves to those in Montréal, and across the country, who dedicated years, even decades of their lives to the anti-apartheid movement. Here are their varied and inspired stories. A fitting tribute to Madiba—from those who were in the trenches.

Dan O’Meara: looking back at Chris Hani and where the ANC is today

It has been 20 years since Chris Hani was assassinated. Gwen Schulman talks to Dan O’Meara, former long-standing member of the ANC and professor of political science at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), about Chris Hani’s life, his profound contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle as the leader of the South African Communist Party, high-ranking ANC official and commander of the ANC’s armed wing and the terrible impact of his killing.

Is the new ANC same as the old?

As Jacob Zuma retains power as leader of his party, Amandla’s Avi Kanji takes a look at the situation in South Africa with the ANC convention and its ramifications for a renewed ANC direction. He also presents an analysis of the privatisation of the ocean fisheries and how large rapacious commercial fisheries are depleting the ocean’s resources all around the continent and leaving Africa and African small fishermen in penury.

South Africa analysis with Prof. Nigel Gibson

Amandla’s Avi Kanji looks back at the recent deaths of minors in South Africa and takes a critical look at the changing political context in an interview with Professor Nigel Gibson of Emerson College in Boston.

100 years of the African National Congress

Amandla’s Doug Miller and Gwen Schulman look at a 100 years since the creation of the African National Congress in South Africa at the legacy of the anti-apartheid movement.

In the second part, Avi Kanji looks at the South African secrecy bill.

South Africa’s ruling party ousts Mbeki

globeandmail.com: South Africa’s ruling party ousts Mbeki