A critical look at US policy in South Sudan

Amandla’s Zahra Moloo talks to Asad Ismi, International affairs correspondent for the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives Monitor and author of the radio series “The Ravaging of Africa”. Ismi speaks about the role of US imperial policies in the Sudan and South Sudan.


South Sudan and Sudan at risk of going to war?

South Sudan observer David Widgington talks to Amandla’s Gwen Schulman about the recent increase in tensions between South Sudan and Sudan.

Françafrique’s new revelations, landgrabbing in South Sudan and events in Swaziland, Zambia and Malawi

Françafrique: alive and well
Ameth Lo a member of the Group for reseach and initiatives for the liberation of Africa (GRILA) talks to Amandla’s Gwen Schulman about the latest revelations in high level political relations between France and several african countries.

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Fighting landgrabs in South Sudan
Amandla’s Diana Sharpe looks at the largest land deal yet in South Sudan and the fight against it by a local community.

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Arab spring, african fall?
Doug Miller talks about the popular mobilisations in Swaziland, elections in Zambia and Red Wednesdays in Malawi.

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L’Afrique et les études post-coloniales; A new doc on South Sudan: The waiting room and a look at landgrabs

Boris Keonig, membre du collectif Amandla présente une entrevue avec Jean Loup Amselle, anthropologue africaniste et rédacteur en chef des Cahiers d’études africaines. Amselle se trouvait récemment à Montréal dans le cadre du colloque “Des analyses tiers-mondistes aux études postcoloniales” organisé à l’UQAM.

Amselle revient brièvement sur son parcours d’anthropologue
africaniste; il présente le courant postcolonial, ses critiques et cadre cette perspective par rapport au tiers-mondisme; et enfin, il présente une analyse sur le CODESRIA (le Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique) depuis sa création par Samir Amin en 1973.

[audio http://archives.ckut.ca/64/20110914.19.07-19.28.mp3]

Afrah Aden talks to the Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque about her film The Waiting Room: Sudan at the crossroads that follows 4 young people for 2 years up until the secession of South Sudan.

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Amandla’s Gwen Schulman and Diana Sharpe take a look at landgrabs in Africa.

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A look at the challenges for South Sudan on the eve of independence, and Thiat from Senegalese group Y’en a marre

Independence for the South Sudan

On the eve of South Sudan’s independence, Munish Persaud from CHF, who has just returned from a trip to South Sudan, talks to South Sudan Info’s David Widgington about the situation there.

Gwen Schulman speaks to Ugandan human rights advocate and close Sudan-watcher, Sam Olara, on the very great challenges facing Africa’s newest country.

Y’en a marre in Senegal

Thiat, one-half of the group Keur Gui de Kaolack (with Kilifeu), and one of the most vocal leaders of the youth opposition mouvement Y’en a Marre in Senegal, was arrested during massive protests that erupted following President Abdoulaye Wade’s proposed electoral reform bill which would have seen the minimum percentage of votes required to be elected drop to 25%. Parker Mah speaks with Thiat over the phone about the events surrounding the protests as well as the Y’en a Marre movement and their mission.

NYT article
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Reportage sur la situation au Sénégal diffusé à la radio de Radio-Canada

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Amandla 2011-02-02: North Africa analysis and South Sudan

Doug Miller gives gives an anti-imperial analysis on the uprisings in North Africa. In the second half, David Widgington looks at the referendum in South Sudan.

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