Demonstrations as Tunisia commemorates seven years of revolution

Roberto Nieto speaks to Houda Mzioudet, journalist and researcher for the Carnegie Foundation about the recent demonstrations in Tunisia.


Looking back at the World Social Forum

Amandla’s Gwen Schulman talks to Sonia Djelidi who just returns from the Social Forum in Tunisia.

WSF: local activists call for gender equality, internet freedom greater representation in politics


In Tunisia, the World Social Forum (WSF) – the alternative event to the World Economic Forum in Davos – continues in the capital Tunis. Many thousands of activists from all over the world are attending. Social justice, economic inequality, women’s rights and global warming are just some of the issues being discussed. FRSN spoke with Henda Hendoud a Tunisian independent journalist who lives in the capital and is attending the event.

L’assassinat de Chokri Belaïd

Au lendemain de l’assassinat de l’opposant politique de gauche, Chokri Belaïd, Farah El Kefi du Mouvement des patriotes démocrates de Tunisie analyse la situation politique du pays en compagnie de Mouloud Idir.

Canadian government still blocks Tunisian money

Ex-Tunisian dictator’s brother-in-law, Belhassen Trabelsi, fled to Canada after the fall of Ben Ali with a fortune stolen from the Tunisian people. Other members of the extended family of former dictator are living in Canada and the money is in canadian banks, but the Canadian government has not given the funds back to the Tunisian people. Amandla’s Gwen Schulman follows up on this case.

African Nations Cup and an update on Tunisia

Doug Miller speaks with David Beer about the African Nations Cup

Gwen Schulman talks to Sonia Djelida about Canada’s controversial plans to withhold 50% of Tunisian assets in Canada and the extent of the Trabelsi clan’s assets and influence in the country

Update on Tunisia

Sonia Djelidi from a Canadian group in support of social struggles in Tunisia speaks to Amandla’s Gwen Shulman about the present situation in Tunisia and of her involvement in the recent electoral process.


US plans new drones for Africa, Canada not to allow Tunisian vote and the slow processing of famine refugees

Africom plans for drone bases in Africa
According to recent news, the US Africa command, Africom, is planning new drone bases all around eastern Africa. Diana Sharpe takes a look at the issue.

Canadian government will not allow Tunisian vote locally
In a surprise move, the Canadian government said recently it would not allow Tunisian extraterritorial voting in Canada. Gwen Schulman talks to Haroun Bouazi from the Collectif solidarité Sidi Boudid.

CCR criticizes long waits for famine refugees in the horn of Africa
The ongoing famine in has forced the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Refugee claimants at the Canadian visa office in Nairobi face waiting periods of 36 to 51 months for their requests to be processed. Janet Dench from the Canadian Council for Refugees talks to Amandla’s Afrah Aden.
follow this link for more info on the CCR campaign

Alpha Blondy, Festival Ciné droit libres à Ouaga; And Sonia Djelidi on Tunisia

Dans cette émission :

Entrevue avec Alpha Blondy lors de son passage à Montréal

Entrevue avec Adboulaye Diallo du festival Ciné droit libres dont la 4e édition se tiendra du 29 juin au 3 juillet à Ouagadougou

On this show:

An interview with Sonia Djelidi member of a group fighting for liberty and freedom in Tunisia. She comments on the latest events in the country

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