Africa & the Global South : the struggle for climate justice

Christian Aid’s Mohammed Adow explains the key demands of Africa and the rest of the global South at the UN climate conference in Bonn. Produced by Terna Gyuse.


The Great Climate COP-out

The Great Climate COP-out | Coop média de Montréal

In the next few minutes, I’m going to be closing my computer and leaving the International Conference Centre in Durban, with no plans of ever coming back. The negotiations won’t officially be over, I won’t know if there is an agrement on a second phase of the Kyoto Protocol, I won’t know if governments have committed to “operationalizing the GCF under the stweardhsip of the GEF.”

And while all these things will have an impact on climate change, global warming, and the crises that have begun and will only intensify if we allow average global temperatures to rise more than 2 degrees Celcius, at the end of the day it will probably not matter.

Declaration of the Indigenous Peoples of the World at COP 17

Declaration of the Indigenous Peoples of the World at COP 17 – Intercontinental Cry

Alternatives Challenge COP17 Climate Talks


In the weeks leading up to the seventeenth round of negotiations of the UNFCC in Durban, South Africa (COP17), environmentalists gathered from around the world to challenge the impasse these talks have reached in the past. Activists organized “Occupy COP17” and the Dirty Energy Week and Everyone is Downstream conferences that tackled the root of the causes of climate change – fossil fuels. As the industry is moving away from crude oil and towards dirtier forms of extracting oil sands and oil shale, much like Canada’s Tar Sands in countries such as Madagascar, Uganda, Morocco, and Israel, delegates gather to share stories of the impacts similar projects have had in their countries, and what these new projects will do. The Real News’ Lia Tarachansky spoke with South African government representatives, environmentalists, and delegates about COP17 and the failure to reach a globally-binding, effective agreement on lowering world emissions.

Alternatives Challenge COP17 Climate Talks | The Media Co-op

Rural Women take on COP17

Hundreds denounce exclusion from talks, false solutions at UN conference

An interview by Tim McSorley
Rural Women take on COP17 | The Media Co-op

What is at stake in Durban

Civil society groups say the Durban conference is shaping up as a clash of paradigms between those who believe that the world needs a science- and rules-based multilateral climate system and those who are seeking to dismantle the existing one.

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Challenging climate apartheid

The climate conference in Durban has led some observers to conclude that developed countries are engaged in a form of apartheid against the rest of the world. But Nnimmo Bassey hopes negotiators will heed the voices of the people.

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COP17: Tears and Loathing in Durban

by Dru Oja Jay Durban 2011

When I first stepped through the drab halls of the International Convention Centre, decorated in a business-casual African motif, a misanthropic ether binge or acid-fueled target practice with high-calibre rifles seemed to be just the thing. A gonzo revival, it could be argued, is the only appropriate response to the latest round of climate talks taking place here in Durban, South Africa. The momentous, apocalyptic futility of humanity’s imminent failure to address catastrophic climate change is a perfect match for — most iconically — Hunter S. Thompson’s drug-fuelled flights from the grim reality of the American Dream.

Tears and Loathing in Durban | The Media Co-op

Everyone’s Downstream: Extreme Extraction in Africa and Beyond

This past weekend in Durban, South Africa, a two-day conference entitled Everyone’s Downstream: Extreme Extraction in Africa and
set the stage for the COP-17 UN climate change conference.

Community organizers from Canada, Quebec and across Africa brought their stories of resistance to Durban’s University of KwaZuluNatal. The event focused on large-scale oil & gas extraction projects in Africa.

This audio from Amandla features Interviews with Sorbarikor Demua from the Ogoni Solidarity Forum in Nigeria and (in french) Jean-Pierre Ratsimbazafy from Madagascar.

We also hear an IPS report looking a farming in Kenya.

COP17: what is Canada doing?

Tim McSorley from CKUT radio in Montreal and files this report on the Canadian delegation at the COP17 Climate conference in Durban.