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Analyse de la situation au Burkina-Faso

Melanie Lamonde s’entretient avec Christine Paré membre du
GRILA et du comité Norbert Zongo du Canada et activiste burkinabé pour
les droits humains et contre l’impunité.

Par la suite nous rejoignons notre collaborateur Jean-Marc
Soboth qui commente la réaction de la France et des médias français aux
évènements de la dernière semaine.

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The Luanda book club

On June 20, police raided a house in the capital, Luanda, and arrested 16 young people – covered their heads with hoods and drove them away to prison where they’ve been held ever since. Their crime? They were part of a book club, reading a book by Gene Sharp called "From dictatorship to democracy". Hip hop producer Cavera Tribo Sul knows many of those who were arrested. Amandla’s Terna Gyuse spoke to him in Luanda.

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Looking back at Africa’s independence activists

Amandla’s Doug Miller with guest Eric Lamoureux looks back at post-independence Africa and the life of Malawian political activist Willie Chokani forced into exile in the early days of the country’s independence.

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Obama in Africa and Kenya’s response to Al Shabaab.

Pan-African Baraza’s Firoze Manji in discussion with Amandla’s Gwen Schulman on Barack Obama’s recent visit to Kenya, and the response of the Kenyan State to Al Shabaab’s attacks.

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Primary health care

Primary Health Care is a conceptual understanding of health that attempts to incorporate the broad constituents of well being, from food security to psychological health. Since the late 1970’s Primary health has formed the basis for demands for more equitable and extensive medical access across the globe. Amandla’s Avi Kanji examines the history of primary health and discusses the political relevance of this concept today.

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Buhari rencontre Biya

Attaques de Boko Haram à Maroua au Cameroun et visite historique du président du Nigéria Mohammadu Buhari chez son homologue Paul Biya.

Analyse de l’actualité par notre collègue Jean-Marc Soboth.

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Analyse de la Situation en Libye

Retour sur la situation en Libye par le biais d’une recension d’un article de Greg Shupak, basé sur l’ouvrage “Global Nato and the catastrophic failure in Libya.”

Présenté par Mouloud Idir.

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