“U.S. Out of Africa!: Shut Down AFRICOM” – Interview with Vanessa Beck of the Black Alliance for Peace.


On October 1st, The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) has launched
“ U.S. Out of Africa!: Shut Down AFRICOM ” a campaign designed to end the U.S. invasion and occupation of Africa.

Ten years ago, at the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, AFRICOM (The United States Africa Command) was launched. After 10 years of operations, militarization of the continent and illegitimate presence on African soil. It is time to question his legitimacy.

Samaa Elibyari interviews Vanessa Beck, B.A.P research team lead and Coordinating Committee member, to discuss this current campaign and the necessity to end AFRICOM.

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Comment les États-Unis entendent-ils exercer leur influence en Afrique?

Notre collaborateur, le politologue et analyste Aziz Fall, se penche sur le sens à donner au sommet sans précédent de chefs d’états africains à Washington.

Comment les États-Unis entendent-ils utiliser leurs cartes géopolitiques et géostratégiques pour exercer leur influence sur l’Afrique?

AFRICOM : une analyse d’Aziz Fall

Le politologue Aziz Fall du Groupe de recherche et d’initiatives pour la libération de l’Afrique, le GRILA, jette un regard sur l’Africom, l’initiative militaire des États-Unis en Afrique.

AFRICOM: the US empire of bases is everywhere on the African continent

Doug Miller reviews a recent article that shows the impressive extent of US military operations under AFRICOM: “The Startling Size of US Military Operations in Africa” published on MotherJones.com

Vers un printemps djiboutien?

IMG_1661Le militant Mohamed Kadamy qui est venu au Forum Social comme membre de l’Association française de solidarité avec les peuples d’Afrique présente un portrait de la situation dans son pays. Répression, arrestations d’opposants politiques dans cette dictature qui jouit d’une situation géostratégique clé dans la corne de l’Afrique. La question se pose : y aura-t-il un printemps djiboutien?

Ce qui se passe au Mali doit pousser l’Afrique à s’unir

Enseignant à l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Aziz Salmone Fall estime que les crises en Somalie, en Libye et au Mali doivent pousser l’Afrique à s’unir. Cette unité doit être matérialisée par la mobilisation d’une force militaire africaine pour libérer le Nord Mali de l’occupation islamiste. Membre fondateur du Mouvement pour les Assises de la gauche (Mag) et coordonnateur de la campagne internationale « Justice pour Sankara », le Pr. Fall est également d’avis que la sécurité et la stabilité du Sénégal dépendront d’une politique proactive panafricaine.
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Farid Omar on Somalia and news on HIV policies

Afrah Aden discusses the volatile security situation in Somalia with Farid Omar a researching fellow at the York Centre for International and Security Studies at York University. He specializes in international security forecasting for African conflicts, especially Somalia. He is also a member of Grilla, Group for Research and Initiative for the Liberation of Africa.

This 15 minute interview is followed by analysis from Amandla’s Doug Miller on recent news on HIV-AIDS policies in Africa. The struggle to bring adequate treatment, prevention and curative methods to bear on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa has been seriously jeopardised by the G8 countries cutbacks in this year’s contributions to the global fund and the reluctance of multinational drug manufacturers like Johnson and Johnson to loosen their profitable grip on patents that could allow the production of life-saving cheap generic drugs. In the words of Stephen Lewis, such callous indifference to the lives of Africans is essentially murder.

US plans new drones for Africa, Canada not to allow Tunisian vote and the slow processing of famine refugees

Africom plans for drone bases in Africa
According to recent news, the US Africa command, Africom, is planning new drone bases all around eastern Africa. Diana Sharpe takes a look at the issue.

Canadian government will not allow Tunisian vote locally
In a surprise move, the Canadian government said recently it would not allow Tunisian extraterritorial voting in Canada. Gwen Schulman talks to Haroun Bouazi from the Collectif solidarité Sidi Boudid.

CCR criticizes long waits for famine refugees in the horn of Africa
The ongoing famine in has forced the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Refugee claimants at the Canadian visa office in Nairobi face waiting periods of 36 to 51 months for their requests to be processed. Janet Dench from the Canadian Council for Refugees talks to Amandla’s Afrah Aden.
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Dark Sahara and the war in Libya

Jeremy Keenan author of Dark Sahara: America’s war on terror in the Sahara. Keenan is a Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.
Amandla contributor Nicolas Roux spoke to him earlier this week about the secret Algerian connection with Gaddafi, the global war on terror, tuaregs and the plight of migrants in the midst of the arab revolutions.

In the last part of this recording Doug Miller looks at the DSK story and how the IMF has been raping Africa…