Amandla’s Tribute to Winnie Mandela



Interview of Ranya Sherif – UNHCR UGANDA


Ugandans open their hearts to 1.4 refugees. Refugees from neighbouring countries, assisted by the UNHCR are creating settlements in Uganda. Ranya Sherif, a Canadian environmental engineer describes the difficulties of re-settling such large numbers of people whilst minimizing the environmental impact on the host country.

Life in Sudan under new austerity measures

The introduction of yet another wave of austerity measures in Sudan have pushed the cost of the most basic necessities—food, medicine, fuel—beyond the reach of most people.

Gwen Schulman speaks with Mamoun Eltlib, poet, writer and cultural editor of the newspaper Al-Sudani, about the responses of people in Khartoum to these hardships.

Afrique(s) en lutte – des indépendances à aujourd’hui

Entrevue avec Nadia Fartaoui, co-présidente de l’association SURVIE et Régis Essono, membre actif .

SURVIE est une association qui milite contre la Françafrique et contre toutes formes de néocolonialisme qui persistent dans la politique étrangère de la France, à l’égard des pays africains.

Nous avons discuté avec nos deux invités des luttes pour la souveraineté populaire et de la spécificité du système Françafrique.

Le samedi 10 février 2018, l’association a organisé un festival intitulé Afriques en lutte

Pour en apprendre davantage sur l’association SURVIE:

Pour soutenir financièrement l’association cliquez ici

African refugees in Israël

Doug has made a review of the press and offers this summary of the situation of African refugees, particularly Eritreans and Sudanese in Israel as they face illegal deportation

Entrevue avec Samy Ben Redjeb – Analog Africa (Janvier 2018)


Le label Analog Africa est spécialisé dans la réédition des perles rares de la musique africaine des années 60 et 70, créé il y a maintenant plus de 10 ans par Samy Ben Redjeb, le label a sorti plus de 32 compilations et projets.

Le temps d’une entrevue, Samy revient sur sa passion pour la musique et la raison d’être de son label. Plus que de la musique, c’est un hommage à la créativité et au génie de ces musiciens trop souvent méconnus ou oubliés.

Pour ceux et celles qui veulent se procurer les compilations, nous vous invitons à consulter le catalogue du label sur


Seven Grains of Paradise: a culinary journey through Africa by Joan Baxter

Baxter - Seven Grains of Paradise cvr

Jock Mackay of Sutherland River, Nova Scotia met Joan Baxter last summer at a local bookstore launch of her Seven Grains of Paradise: a culinary journey through Africa. Jock is an ethnomusicologist and folklorist, and food issues are often central to insights into both fields. He taught at Vanier College in Montreal before retiring to his maritime home about 5 years ago. He and Doug reviewed Baxter’s book, which reveals the richness of Africa’s contribution to the world’s food resources and counters many of the myths of food scarcity and famine. She shows how the scandalous intervention of foreign donors and investors has caused African to fall from a net exporter 50 years ago to a major dependent food importer. Both Jock and Doug highly recommend this very readable book to everyone, not just for an interest in food but also the world system that distorts and commercialises this essential human need.

See also Doug’s book review here

See also Joan Baxter’s website for this and other books she has written:

Tribute to Hugh Masekela

Amandla pays tribute to Hugh Masekela, the musical genius and the pan-African activist he was.

Doug Miller and Andy Williams ( The GOODS) discuss about the legacy of Hugh Masekela

May he rest in peace.

Canada names mining ombudsperson


Gwen Schulman talks to Catherine Coumans of Mining Watch Canada about this initiative and its potential to break the cycle of impunity of Canadian mining companies in Africa and around the world.

Rhythms and melodies against the Economic Partnership Agreement

Sven and Daniel

German percussionist, Sven Kacirek and his Kenya counterpart, Daniel Mburu Muhuni have put together a record about how global trade and the Economic Partnership Agreements imposed by the European Union exploit the weakest most marginalised people struggling to survive. They interviewed diplomats, farmers, civil servants, academics and NGO workers to call Western politicians to task and the musicians use loops, squawking saxophones and pulsing rhythms to add emphasis to the points being made. It can be downloaded for as little as $1.00 from the following bandcamp site: <>under the title, Economic Partnership Agreement.

We plan to play a series of these pieces over the next few weeks. Be sure to check some of the visual pieces they did on YouTube.