Memorial for Andimba Toivo wa Toivo – Namibian freedom fighter


A founder of SWAPO, militant leader, and respected statesman, Toivo wa Toivo spent 16 years on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela and other movement militants who regarded him as one of the most stubbornly principled fighters in the struggle. On his release from prison on the eve of independence, he returned home to a hero’s welcome and then refused to descend into the hurley burley of political power struggles. He, nonetheless, stayed at the table as a cabinet minister where his wisdom as an elder and a prison graduate held great sway.

Montreal-based documentary filmmaker Ole Gjerstad shot a documentary film about Andimba in 1989-90, Toivo Child of Hope, which can be viewed here. Ole talks about Andibma and his role in the struggle for the national liberation of Namibia.


Le journalisme en RDC: entrevue avec la rédactrice en chef du Souverain

Solange Lusiku Nsimire est rédactrice en chef du journal indépendant Le Souverain, basé à Bukavu, dans l’Est du Congo. C’est un des rares journaux indépendants qui présente un regard critique sur la situation dans cette région du Congo-Kinshasa.

La RDC est un pays dangereux pour les journalistes; en 2012 seulement il ya eu 90 attaques contre des journalistes dans le pays. Solange Lusiku a été soumise à un certain nombre de menaces pour les histoires qu’elle a couvert. Dans cet entretien, qui a eu lieu fin 2015, elle parle de l’histoire du journal Le Souverain, de ses histoires et de ses opinions sur la couverture médiatique occidentale sur la RDC.

Cette entrevue a été rendue possible par la Women’s Media Foundation.

The South African tripartite alliance falls appart: a look at the elections in SA

Gwen Schulman talks to Avi Kanji about the elections in South Africa and the political shifts that have happened in the electoral map.

Dark Sahara and the war in Libya

Jeremy Keenan author of Dark Sahara: America’s war on terror in the Sahara. Keenan is a Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.
Amandla contributor Nicolas Roux spoke to him earlier this week about the secret Algerian connection with Gaddafi, the global war on terror, tuaregs and the plight of migrants in the midst of the arab revolutions.

In the last part of this recording Doug Miller looks at the DSK story and how the IMF has been raping Africa…