Cecil Rhodes: the arch-colonizer in chief and founder of Rhodesia

Who was Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902)? Journalist and political commentator Jooneed Khan remembers who this figure was and why his statue was removed last week in South Africa. How come the symbols of colonial rule are still there?

Thoughts on the Garissa massacre

Gwen Schulman reflects on the coverage and the meaning of the Garissa massacre.

For another historicization of the Garissa massacre, see Shailja Patel’s piece in The New Inquiry

The Dream.

By Doug Miller* (From his Malawi travel blog)

Looking back at the last 4 years and seeing the past through the eyes of people in Makupo and those of the people in Montreal.

We have a dream from 2 polar ends of the development spectrum. From Canada we would love to help the people of Makupo village set up a self-sustaining economy that will give employment and generate revenue for as many of them as possible. The buzz words of development planners from time immemorial. The answers seem so simple. We also made a promise to ourselves that we would try to send one Canadian representative each year to support the efforts this side and as evidence of good faith. From the Makupo end, the dream is to escape unemployment, poverty and dependence, but the answers for them are far from simple, despite appearances to the contrary.


* Doug Miller is a regular contributor the Amandla. wednesday’s 7-8 pm on CKUT, 90.3 fm