The Great Climate COP-out

The Great Climate COP-out | Coop média de Montréal

In the next few minutes, I’m going to be closing my computer and leaving the International Conference Centre in Durban, with no plans of ever coming back. The negotiations won’t officially be over, I won’t know if there is an agrement on a second phase of the Kyoto Protocol, I won’t know if governments have committed to “operationalizing the GCF under the stweardhsip of the GEF.”

And while all these things will have an impact on climate change, global warming, and the crises that have begun and will only intensify if we allow average global temperatures to rise more than 2 degrees Celcius, at the end of the day it will probably not matter.


What is at stake in Durban

Civil society groups say the Durban conference is shaping up as a clash of paradigms between those who believe that the world needs a science- and rules-based multilateral climate system and those who are seeking to dismantle the existing one.

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COP17: African Activists Blast Unconventional Extraction

Tar sands highlighted in lead up to UN climate summit in South Africa

by Tim McSorley

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA—In Durban this week, you’re blinded by green. From billboards to uniforms, it’s impossible to miss that this South African city is hosting the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

African Activists Blast Unconventional Extraction: Tar sands highlighted in lead up to UN climate summit in South Africa | The Dominion