Will the Paladin mine destroy lake Malawi?

Gwen Schulman and Doug Miller take a look at new mining pollutants that may get dumped into lake Malawi.


Analyse de la situation en Libye; The great green wall and a look at the situation in Malawi

La Libye après Kaddafi
Que penser de la situation actuelle en Libye? Avant la disparition de Kaddafi peu de pays africains avaient reconnu le Comité de transition nationale. Quels appuis ont reçu les différentes factions politiques et qui seront les leaders politiques de demain?
Mouloud Idir explique quelles sont les différentes forces politiques en présence et les défis qui se présentent.

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The Great green wall
Gwen Schulman looks at the pros and cons of the proposed “great green wall” a project developed by the African Union to face desertification in South Sahara.

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Ongoing social protests in Malawi
Amandla’s Doug Miller takes a look at the past weeks of popular mobilisations in Malawi.

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Following recent political events in Malawi

In recent popular revolts in Malawi dozens have beel killed. Amandla’s Doug Miller who recently returned from Malawi talks to Gwen Schulman about the situation there.

The Dream.

By Doug Miller* (From his Malawi travel blog)

Looking back at the last 4 years and seeing the past through the eyes of people in Makupo and those of the people in Montreal.

We have a dream from 2 polar ends of the development spectrum. From Canada we would love to help the people of Makupo village set up a self-sustaining economy that will give employment and generate revenue for as many of them as possible. The buzz words of development planners from time immemorial. The answers seem so simple. We also made a promise to ourselves that we would try to send one Canadian representative each year to support the efforts this side and as evidence of good faith. From the Makupo end, the dream is to escape unemployment, poverty and dependence, but the answers for them are far from simple, despite appearances to the contrary.


* Doug Miller is a regular contributor the Amandla. wednesday’s 7-8 pm on CKUT, 90.3 fm