Sudan’s protests – Interview with Khaled Medani, Professor of Political Science (McGill University)


Since December 19, 2018, protests in Sudan that started with chants of “Freedom, Peace, Justice” have escalated demanding the removal of Omar El Bashir. After 30 years in power, he remains defiant and the authorities’ crackdown on demonstrators have fuelled the anger. Are we witnessing a Sudanese Spring? Khaled Medani, Professor of Political Science and Islamic Studies and the Chair of African Studies Program at McGill University in Montreal, just returned from Sudan. He explains the situation.


A look at the challenges for South Sudan on the eve of independence, and Thiat from Senegalese group Y’en a marre

Independence for the South Sudan

On the eve of South Sudan’s independence, Munish Persaud from CHF, who has just returned from a trip to South Sudan, talks to South Sudan Info’s David Widgington about the situation there.

Gwen Schulman speaks to Ugandan human rights advocate and close Sudan-watcher, Sam Olara, on the very great challenges facing Africa’s newest country.

Y’en a marre in Senegal

Thiat, one-half of the group Keur Gui de Kaolack (with Kilifeu), and one of the most vocal leaders of the youth opposition mouvement Y’en a Marre in Senegal, was arrested during massive protests that erupted following President Abdoulaye Wade’s proposed electoral reform bill which would have seen the minimum percentage of votes required to be elected drop to 25%. Parker Mah speaks with Thiat over the phone about the events surrounding the protests as well as the Y’en a Marre movement and their mission.

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Reportage sur la situation au Sénégal diffusé à la radio de Radio-Canada

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