Will the Paladin mine destroy lake Malawi?

Gwen Schulman and Doug Miller take a look at new mining pollutants that may get dumped into lake Malawi.

Looking at the case of the North Mara gold mine in Tanzania

The relationship between the mining company African Barrick Gold and the communities of North Mara, Tanzania is a story of intimidation, sexual abuse, death and  poverty. Amandla’s Gwen Schulman talks to filmmaker Tamara Herman on the history of the conflict and recent developments that point to new strategies to seek justice and change.

Eritrea, migrants, Lampedusa and Israel

Doug Miller examines the connection between Canada’s deportation of the Eritrean consul-general in Toronto, mass drownings of Eritreans off the Italian coast and the cruel treatment of thousands of Eritrean refugees at an official level in states of the fortress Europe rich countries and locally by kidnappers and traffickers, as desperate refugees flee the exploitation they face in their brutalized homeland.

One of the largest Gold mining companies in the world fights Tanzanian villagers

Mining Watch Canada’s Jamie Kneen talks to Gwen Schulman about the recent disclosure of a secretive mechanism African Barrick Gold has put in place to manage grievances at its North Mara gold mine in Tanzania.

The Afar of Eritrea in the face of conflict

The geostrategic importance of the Afar’s traditional territory along the Red Sea has placed them in the cross-hairs of Horn of Africa politics and conflicts. With the secession of Eritrea in 1991, their situation has worsened. To explore the roots of this conflict and the Afars’ efforts to chart a different future, Gwen Schulman spoke to Ahmed Youssouf Mohamed, a Canadian of Afar origin and head of the foreign mission of the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization; and Joseph Magnet, Professor of Law at University of Ottawa, Legal Counsel for the Afar people and Legal Counsel for the Government of Afar State in Ethiopia.

Parliament reports on CIDA’s role in the world. Even more realignement in support of the mining industry?

Amandla’s Gwen Schulman interviews Jamie Kneen of Mining Watch about a recent parliamentary paper on CIDA’s (scary) role in the world.

South African miners fight on

Amandla team members Avi Kanji and Doug Miller look at the situation of South African miners who have been fighting for their rights and fighting big mining companies for several months.

A look at Canadian mining activities in Southern Africa

After a 7 month fact finding mission in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, independent journalists Tamara Herman and Susi Porter-Bopp who are working on a documentary film project focusing on Canadian mining activities in Africa return to Canada to share some of the most hard-hitting interviews they made. Amandla’s Gwen Schulman speaks to them.

Firoze Manji on Walter Rodney

From Amandla on CKUT in Montreal: Pambazuka news coordinator Firoze Manji speaks of the significance of Walter Rodney’s 1972 classic How Europe underdeveloped Africa.

African poetry, mining in Southern Africa and the resignation of Bev Oda

The entire show:

In the first part, Amandla collaborator David Lieber presents Langston Hughes, an African American poet, in the context of July 4th, then (circa minute 20) Amandla Host Gwen Schulman speaks to independent journalists and filmmakers Tamara Herman and Susanne Porter-Bopp about their recent investigation in Southern Africa visiting communities impacted by Canadian mining companies, and finally Amandla regular Doug Miller comments on Canadian International Development minister Bev Oda resignation.