Castro’s legacy in Africa (part 2): Ole Gjerstad on Cuba’s support to anti-imperialist struggles

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In this second part of Amandla’s look at the life of Fidel Castro and his role on the African continent, Amandla regular Doug Miller talks to Montreal anthropologist, writer, radio broadcaster and filmmaker Ole Gjerstad who was a witness of the Cuban presence in Angola.

Gjerstad offers a rare first-hand look at the Cuban presence in Africa and how Castro contributed to the liberation struggles on the continent.

Also be sure to check out part 1


The right to protect: Syria vs Africa

Amandla commentator Doug Miller looks at the “right to protect” in the context of the current debate over intervention in Syria versus what is not done to protect in parts of Africa.

He discusses the issue with host Gwen Schulman.

Link to Geoffrey York’s cited article “Home treatment helps South African miners beat tuberculosis” here.

Thierry Michel réalisateur du documentaire « L’irrésistible ascension de Moïse Katumbi »

Entrevue avec Thierry Michel réalisateur du documentaire « L’irrésistible ascension de Moïse Katumbi » qui a fait polémique en RDC.

Operation Somba-Zongisa

Operation Somba-Zongisa is a consumer action aimed at increasing public awareness of the crucial link between coltan, mined in the DRC, the terrible violence there and the production of electronics. Targetting the Future Shop, St. Catherine St., Montreal, 17th. March 2012, the symbolic action consisted of a group of about 10 people returning previously bought goods to the store, explaining that the goods had blood on them from the DRC. Rose Marie Whalley interviewed Christelle Mokoko from the humanitarian group Generation Ingeta about the situation in the DRC.;line-height:115%;font-family:"background:white;%20%20lang=EN-CA

New Canadian NGO partnerships with the mining industry, Nomadic Massive in the DRC and a look a recent news

Canadian NGOs become partners with large mining corporations
Last week, the Canadian Minister for International Cooperation Bev Oda announced new partnerships between certain Canadian NGOs and mining companies. In an interview with Catherine Coumans of Mining Watch Canada Gwen Schulman and Roberto Nieto look at the implications of this new twist in foreign aid.

Hip-Hop in the DRC
Nantali Indongo, member of Montreal’s Nomadic Massive ensemble talks to Amandla’s Afrah Aden about her recent trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where she facilitated workshops looking at how Hip Hop is a great tool for social engagement. Nantali also talks about the constant challenges faced by the DRCs Hip Hop artists.

Doug’s view
Doug Miller comments on the Gay Pride Parade last weekend in Johannesburg and how its great success stood in marked contrast to the Victorian-age repression still on the books in most countries of Africa. Kaleidoscope, a new group formed in the UK with the support of all the 3 main political parties is dedicated to combatting homophobia in Africa and the Middle East. A look at a piece from the Guardian Weekly about how Kenya has made Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) illegal and a criticism of the energy that local homophobes put into denouncing and abusing the gay community versus to lack of interest in abolishing FGM.

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Quels enjeux pour les élections en RDC; DRC filmaker Djo Munga and newsbriefs

Élections en RDC
Quel est la donne en République démocratique du Congo alors que des élections s’en viennent? Patrick Kolanda du groupe Debout pour le Congo donne son point de vue sur les prochaines élections en RDC.

Interview with DRC filmaker Djo Munga
The 21st century will bear witness to an exciting new wave of African filmmakers with exciting stories to tell. Afrah had the opportunity to speak with Djo Munga a director from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who’s critically acclaimed film Viva Riva, just had its European premiere in London.

Birth of free radio in Libya, protests in Senegal, the UN’s LGBT resolution and a report on male sex workers in Africa

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01.06.2011: Gil Scott-Heron, Firoze Manji from Pambazuka news and an analysis on the meaning of China’s activities in the DRC

On this show:

A look back at the legacy of American soul and jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron

Firoze Manji Editor in Chief of Pambazuka News and Managing Editor of Pambazuka Press on the Revolutionary movements in Africa

and an analysis of the report by Global Witness “friends in need” on the meaning of China’s activities in the DRC

The entire show archive is here:

Le Congo révise ses contrats miniers

Jooneed Khan : Le Congo révise ses contrats miniers (La Presse)

Le Congo-Kinshasa a décidé de renégocier quatre contrats miniers impliquant des firmes canadiennes et d’en résilier deux autres au terme d’un long réexamen, marqué par des pressions de la société civile et des coulages, des conventions conclues dans le chaos des années 90. lire

[voir aussi notre entrevue avec Denis Tougas de la Table de concertation sur les Grands Lacs.]

Amandla: Analyse de la crise kenyane/ Analysis of the Kenyan crisis

Voici les thèmes qui ont été abordés pendant l’émission Amandla du 9 janvier 2008 sur les ondes de CKUT 90.3FM (Montréal). Vous pouvez la télécharger ici (lien valide pour deux mois seulement).

Partie anglaise

Commentaires, analyses et entrevues sur la crise que vit le Kenya – Commentaires de Diana et de Moussa.

Vous pouvez écouter cette chronique en cliquant ici.

Voici un article du Courrier International (reprenant l’original anglais de la revue brtitannique: New Stateman) qui traite de la situation en prenant un point de vue différent de celui des grands médias.


Partie française

Burundi: Annonce du Forum National des femmes ex-combattantes avec pour thème: ” Ensemble pour un Burundi meilleur “ – Le Forum se tient le 8 et 9 janvier à Bujumbura. Cliquer ici pour entendre la chronique de Moussa et qui provient du site Burundais: Burundi Réalités.

Impacts de la situation kenyane sur les pays voisins – Les États comme le Burundi, l’Ouganda, le Rwanda et l’est de la République Démocratique du Congo (Nord-Kivu) subissent les conséquences de la crise au Kenya. La population vit une augmentation des prix des denrées alimentaires et énergétiques. Commentaires de Moussa, tirés des sites Burundi Réalités et Ouestaf.



Here are the subjects that were addressed in the January 2nd 2008 Amandla radio show on CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal). You can download the show here (link valid for two months only).



English part.

Comments, analysis and interviews on the Kenyan crisis – Comments from Diana and Moussa.

You can listen to the discussion here.

Here is an article from the British paper, New Stateman, which deals with the subject, but with a different point of view compared to the mainstream media.

French part.

Burundi: National Forum on Women Ex-fighters which bears the slogan: “Together for a better Burundi” – The Forum is held between January 8 and 9, in Bujumbura. Click here to listen Moussa’s comments which are taken from the website: Burundi Réalités (in french).

Impacts of the Kenyan crisis on the neighboring countries – States like Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Nord-Kivu) suffer the consequences of Kenya’s crisis. The population is subject to a raise in food and oil prices. Comments by Moussa, coming from the websites: Burundi Réalités and Ouestaf (both in french).


Amandla: Entrevue avec Salif Keïta à Radio-Okapi/ Interview with Salif Keïta at Radio-Okapi

Voici les thèmes qui ont été abordés pendant l’émission Amandla du 2 janvier 2008 sur les ondes de CKUT 90.3FM (Montréal). Vous pouvez la télécharger ici (lien valide pour deux mois seulement).

Salif KeitaL’émission du 2 janvier est un spécial en français.

Entrevue d’Alain Djaté de Radio-Okapi avec le chanteur malien Salif Keïta en septembre 2006 – Salif Keita (voir photo à gauche) parle de sa vie d’artiste, de politique…et de musique congolaise ainsi que de sa collaboration avec Papa Wemba (voir photo plus bas), grand chanteur congolais!





Cliquer ici pour entendre cette entrevue de 50 minutes… tout en musique!
Here are the subjects that were addressed in the January 2nd 2008 Amandla radio show on CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal). You can download the show here (link valid for two months only).

The January 2nd show is totally in French.Papa Wemba

Interview done by Alain Djaté from Radio-Okapi, with Malian singer Salif Keïta in September 2006 – Salif Keïta (see picture above) talks about his life as an artist, about politics…and about Congolese music, specifically, his collaboration with Papa Wemba (see picture on the right) , a widely known Congolese singer.

Click here, to hear this musical interview of 50 minutes.